Do new homes need a home inspection?

Reliance on the builder’s warranty is the most common reason why buyers of new homes forego home inspections, this can prove to be a costly error. Buyers assume that all significant defects will be discovered during building department inspection or will become apparent during the warranty period. This common oversight can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

All new homes have unapparent defects, regardless of the quality of construction or the integrity of the builder. Simply stated: No one can build something as large and complex as a house without a few oversights at various stages of the construction process. To assume that all such oversights will be readily apparent is a recipe for financial loss. Some problems may reside in the attic, in the electric service panel, or high atop the roof. They may involve construction oversights such as caulking, roof or window flashing issues which could lead to major water damage down the road. There might be a defect in the roof framing, the gas connection to the heater, or the site drainage on the property. A home inspector who is able to discover such conditions will enable you to take full advantage of your builders’ warranty.

Professional inspection of a brand-new home is always beneficial, when performed by a truly qualified home inspector. Fortunately, Wolfe Realty Group has relationships with several home inspectors who are thorough and will look out for your best interests.

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