Selling Your Home

Four factors are at play in every successful home sale:

Location – You cannot change where your property is situated. If it’s on a cliff or near a highway, you’ll probably need to price more aggressively to compete against similar homes in better locations. Your Realtor should be honest with you about how your location/setting stacks up in the marketplace.

Condition – You control your home’s appearance. If your home is clean and well maintained, it has a competitive edge over other homes on the market. Your Realtor should offer recommendations to enhance your home’s appeal.

Price – You control price. If you’re in a superior location and your home is in superior condition, you can ask a higher price. If not, you must price accordingly. If a home buyer’s mantra is “location, location, location”, a home seller’s mantra is “price, price, price”.

Marketing – Your Realtor must shout, not whisper, to the market that your home is for sale. You want a Realtor who demonstrates extensive, effective efforts to reach out to buyers for your home. Contact Ben Wolfe to learn more about this proven marketing plan.

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